Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why can't I be this type of gal?

I had five months of time on my hands...and during the warmest of the year...did I travel, no...well at the very end, but I was only there for 14 hours...did I catch up on all the stuff I never have time for...like paint and read excessively and relaxing...not really. I spent most of the time freaking out that I had too much time on my hands. I wish I was the type of gal who could take long walks without the need to go as fast as I can...or lie on the beach, in a bathing suit or tench and just be still...

...or even be in my house without working and not feel really guilty about it. I can't seem to stand still unless its to stop and think about what I should be doing, but forgot because I am doing 18 things at once. Ah, to be able to just stop...that would be nice...but then I guess that I would no longer be me...

Photos: Will Sanders

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Open Studio this Thursday!!!

I have moved the Open Studio's to Thursday afternoons/evenings and this week is the first one, yay! If you're in the area, please come on by and hang out for bit...

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

NY Fashion Week Favs: Last But Not Least

So here is is, my final post of my favs from the New York Fashion week...its an assortment of designers and I adored each piece for different reasons, but I adored them none the less...

1. Barbara Tfank
2. Peter Som
3. Milly
4. Sophie Theallet
5. Malandrino
6. Reem Acre
7. Nanette Lepore

And that concludes what I loved from Spring '09 lines at the New York Shows!

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NY Fashion Week Favs: Badgley Mischka

I know the New York Fashion Week anded so long ago, but I was really into it this year and enjoyed going through each collection ever so much. So today is the last day I will blather on about it, I promise...but it will be in two posts.

I had to share these two Badgley Mischka images as I loved the use of fabric in both of these...my obsession with lightweight beautiful textiles continues...and the feathers, oh the feathers!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking for length?

I am loving the long, long necklaces right now, I think they are a great fresh way to play with jewelry, and I even added two to ManicTrout.com the other day!

The Logan Everythings Magic Necklace measures 32.5 inches and features a sentimental heart locket hanging from a this brass chain which is adorned with amethyst swarovski crystals and is $50.

The Tekoa Just Like Magic Necklace is 32", made of beautiful vintage brass chain and is ornamented with three leafy charms and amethyst and lavender glass.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

NY Fashion Week Favs: Jonathan Saunders

Something about this collection reminds my a great deal of my early years in cgr, it must be the colors...very computer generated aspect to the textiles...

I'm surprised I even own pants at this point

I don't think I've admired a piece of clothing with legs in ages...how odd...anyway, no idea where I found this image from, but I love it and thought I would share...

p.s. don't forget to check out the amazing new goodies at ManicTrout.com!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go ahead...throw rocks at me...

I am not supporting smoking...I do not smoke, but you have admit that this is still a pretty good looking photo...


11 New Necklaces released today!

Yes, I did it!!!! There are 11 new necklaces on ManicTrout.com including the Scarf Necklaces, Ms. Trout and 2 super long beauties...oh yes, happy dance time!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lookie What I Made!

So I was playing around online instead of making jewelry or working last night, and I designed some shoes! I have been told more then once to that it would be cool to incorporate my paintings into jewelry, and I am working on that...but until then you can own my paintings on your shoes!

Pleasure of My Company

I think Keds is trying to catch up on the DIY movement, and although I am a die hard, old school Vans fan...they won't let me put my painting on them...so I may switch over.
Complexities of Intimacy

If you go check them, please give them a nice rating as I'm curious to see what happens if the word spreads...

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This time its for real...

I have a long overdue update coming either tonight or tomorrow, I swear this time it will happen...Mr. Trout, the scarf necklaces and a few new fall pretties will all be available...finally. If you read the last post, you may understand a bit of why I have been so busy lately...but I'm getting caught up now.

I am loving the photo in the background of this room photographed by awesome Aussie Chris Chen. Her work is stunning!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Its been so long since I've rambled on and shared whats been happening...and mainly because after I left my "day job" as a bar manager on April 1st, I have been a bit out of sorts you could call it. I have always been a busy person...keeping myself fully booked with little room for life...so I thought I would give not working full time and Manic Trout a whirl for a few months and allow myself to have a social life and time to relax. I wished for more time. What did I discover? ...That I do not like to be idle and my friends and family do not take up that much of my day...the vast amount of time on my hands became wasted in my mind, I no longer was able to be productive and I basically lost all drive and ambition. I was not enjoying my life at this pace. So I changed all that.

I have started a new "day job"...this time with one that is much better suited to my life...it fits well with Manic Trout as its almost entirely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and have time to be social still. I have benefits and a steady income and those both ease my mind as well. I of coarse could not stay out of the insanity of the restaurant world...and I am now the restaurant manager at a private club and busy, busy, busy...right back where I like to be.

Its tough adjusting back to juggling everything, I'll admit that I am exhausted from this past week...but I am really excited with where this all will head...mainly that my head will be in a better state now...and all will return to where I like to be...living life at full speed and loving every minute of it!


NY Fashion Week Favs: Lesly Masson

I loved the colors and textures of the Lesly Masson line, SpiroGraph patterns, bright pinks, and the shimmering disks were fantastic!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

NY Fashion Week Favs: Monique Lhuillier

Ahhh Monique Lhuillier...I have always loved her pretty, feminine and beautiful dresses...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NY Fashion Week Favs: Carlos Miele

I have been going through the stills from the NY Fashion Week over at Style.com and thought I would share a few of my favorite things over the next few days. These are all from the Carlos Miele Spring 09 Ready to Wear collection and I am loving the colors and as I'm sure you guessed...the fluidity of the fabrics.

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Hello, My name is Sierra and I am a Candyholic...

I have a problem with sugar...I fiend for it...it all goes back to not being allowed to have sugar of ANY form until I was six...we are talking no cakes, cookies, candies...nada. So when I was six and met my first marshmallow I came home and was extremely upset at my mother. I would sneak boxes of cake mix out of the pantry and sit in a closet while I ate it...I can actually vividly remember one day running through three horse fields to beat my mom home so I could eat a box of sugar before she arrived home.

The 25 years since that first marshmallow have been filled with as much sugar as I can lay my hands on without becoming a diabetic and this week is no exception...except I have finally realized that if I combat stress with candy AND exercise, I feel a tad bit better about it...I bring you my latest poison...as it happens every holiday, a seasonal tempting treat hits the shelves and as it has a limited time frame, I feel justified in my sugar induced comas...I give you Brach's Autumn Mix...

So good, so sickly sweet, so filled with delicious dyes and syrups...


Ignore the clothes, check out those walls!

I have a thing for distressed paint chipped walls...I think I have mentioned the walls from the movie Fur before, which were the best I have ever seen...deep cobalt goodness...I still dream about those...its walls like these that I realized my paintings are turning into...when I get time to actually paint that is...these walls from a Kate Moss spread by Mario Testino are stunning...

Okay, okay I am rather into into the clothes too...and the combination of the walls and the orange in that last dress is supremely orgasmic...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am Dress Obsessed!

I have a thing for dresses...from May-September I live in skirted bottoms...this year I am going to revisit tights and try to continue into fall, as I have to be a tad dressed up weekends now. So in honor of my obsession with the feminine style, I give you two photos by Tim Walker...

I actually had vintage dresses hanging on my living room walls as art for awhile too...the tree image makes me want to do that again...


Monday, September 15, 2008

One last blog of summer blooms...that may be a lie

One last shot of the best part of spring and summer, I will miss these blooms though the long months of fall and winter.

1. Peony Passion by LightchaserStudios
2. Pink Peony by AuntieDawn
3. Old Fashioned by LenaBrown
4. Romance by dsbrennan


You can still get away with doing this today...

I admitted the other day that I misplaced a few images I found this summer and am trying to play catch up with them...then the weather turned very fall like and I thought I was going to have on to them until next year...fortunately its a perfect summer day today and you easily could be doing this...

Bruce Weber from the July W

I actually really wish that were me right now


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are Brilliant!

It doesn't matter who you support, if you have a shred of a sense of humor you will find this skit from Saturday Night Live last night hilarious!


Friday, September 12, 2008

My next house will have more photos...

I have run out of wall space...there is no more room to hang anything, nevermind the vast amount of photography that I drool over...my next house will hopefully be a tad larger....so can add to the growing collection. There will be an ample amount of space given to Susannah Tucker as I fall in love a bit deeper with her work with every new piece I see...one of my favorites from this summer...

Three Surfers by SusannahTucker


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another great color combo...

I just found a bunch of images that I had loved this summer and then misplaced...so I thought I should get them up here before I find new ones...not only is the color of the door fantastic in this...side note...I really ned to start painting more...but there is a wonderful leaf perfect for the fall that will soon be here...

At your door by chicalookate