Monday, September 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Its been so long since I've rambled on and shared whats been happening...and mainly because after I left my "day job" as a bar manager on April 1st, I have been a bit out of sorts you could call it. I have always been a busy person...keeping myself fully booked with little room for I thought I would give not working full time and Manic Trout a whirl for a few months and allow myself to have a social life and time to relax. I wished for more time. What did I discover? ...That I do not like to be idle and my friends and family do not take up that much of my day...the vast amount of time on my hands became wasted in my mind, I no longer was able to be productive and I basically lost all drive and ambition. I was not enjoying my life at this pace. So I changed all that.

I have started a new "day job"...this time with one that is much better suited to my fits well with Manic Trout as its almost entirely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and have time to be social still. I have benefits and a steady income and those both ease my mind as well. I of coarse could not stay out of the insanity of the restaurant world...and I am now the restaurant manager at a private club and busy, busy, busy...right back where I like to be.

Its tough adjusting back to juggling everything, I'll admit that I am exhausted from this past week...but I am really excited with where this all will head...mainly that my head will be in a better state now...and all will return to where I like to life at full speed and loving every minute of it!



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