Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All my birds in a row...

I have always been a fan of finishing up a project by cleaning up my workspace and putting everything back where it belongs, and I tend to finish up the year in the same manner. I used to make a list of goals and resolutions, but I no longer feel the need to make a list of my lackings and instead I just continue on the path of my short term and long term goals as usual. I am a big planner, very goal oriented and a hard core workaholic...and as I am trying to not die young of a heart attack, I try to not pile on more then I have too. So I will save the goals for my own mind and instead take a moment to thank all of friends, my family, my coworkers, my elves, my customers, my fans, my followers, my blog readers, my publicist (she seriously rocks!), those I have loved, those I have lost and those people that play a part in my day to life, no matter how small. This year has been one of enormous ups and downs, failures and successes and general craziness. It will be six years this January since Manic Trout was officially born and a mere three years since I started the online shop and focused on jewelry and painting...I had a slight breakdown in the shower today (I tend to reserve crying for in the shower) about the insane amount of hard work I have put into Manic Trout in these past three years and how amazing it is to start seeing what that hard work can achieve! Thank you all for believing in Manic Trout and in me and I hope to amaze you all in 2009!!!

Photo by the ultra talented Ella Moss.

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