Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My current obsession with brown...

I have never been into wearing brown...which is odd as I have brown eyes, brown hair and a complexion made for it...perhaps it was the years of dying my hair blond or a variety of other colors that made me stay away, but that has now changed! I recently had to buy a new wardrobe for my day job...for those of you not in the know I manage the restaurant of a private club and have to be considerably more dressed up then I have to when I am in my studio. In the past few years I have not shopped all that much for clothes anyway, as I have been building Manic Trout and living lean to do so, so I found myself with a bunch of date clothes and studio gear...not helpful...well after I finished shopping I was surprised to see the amount of brown I gathered, and you know what, I really like it! It goes great with all of my brass jewelry too...I wonder how much this will affect my designing?

Photo from Vogue, October 1948

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