Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why can't I be this type of gal?

I had five months of time on my hands...and during the warmest of the year...did I travel, no...well at the very end, but I was only there for 14 hours...did I catch up on all the stuff I never have time for...like paint and read excessively and relaxing...not really. I spent most of the time freaking out that I had too much time on my hands. I wish I was the type of gal who could take long walks without the need to go as fast as I can...or lie on the beach, in a bathing suit or tench and just be still...

...or even be in my house without working and not feel really guilty about it. I can't seem to stand still unless its to stop and think about what I should be doing, but forgot because I am doing 18 things at once. Ah, to be able to just stop...that would be nice...but then I guess that I would no longer be me...

Photos: Will Sanders

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