Thursday, July 31, 2008

Necklace design in the making

I have been trying to do some new and different ideas with my beloved I adore them so...I came up with this today...

One of a kind
Silver plate & glass beads


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In celebration of Manic Trout pink!

Thank you talented have come through once again! Today I bring you beauty in the shade of Manic Trout pink...

1. Nyoko Rebel Girl Necklace by Manic Trout
2. Real Pink by prettypetalstudio
3. Pink Jelly by meglangford
4. the Bougainvillea by NestaUsa
5. Pink Smoke by AGebhardtPhotography
6. Amish Farmers Market Flora by ara133photography

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloggy Carnival is in town all week!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love + Happiness Necklace on cover of Justine!

The Sabine Love + Happiness Necklace is on the cover of the August /September Justine Magazine!


An education in movies and tv shows

I have had the pleasure recently of educating Brian (this is a staggering moment people, I have revealed his identity and admitted his existence)on the really good movies and tv series he has missed out on in the past few years while he presumably lived under a rock. We have been mostly playing on indie and comedy turfs with the movies, only a mere handful viewed so far...Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Super Bad, Knocked Up, Chuck and Larry and Napoleon Dynamite and I am so enjoying myself. Summer is tough though as so much is going on and we both work alot...there is rarely time in an evening to watch a whole movies so gears have been switched and now I am showing him the greatest show he missed...Arrested Development. I never watched it on the air, as I do not have any sort of tv service, but I own the whole series and boy, do I wish there was more. If you have not yet seen this series, rent it, buy it...whatever...just watch the whole thing...we have been enjoying an episode or two a night and its heaven...


Monday, July 28, 2008

New Jewelry!!!!

Finally, new jewelry is available at Manic Trout! Check It Out!

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Bloggy Carnival!

The Bloggy Carnival is here! Head on over to Weird Stuff in My Desk all this week to win over $975 in prizes...including a $25 Gift Certificate to Manic Trout! Why are you still here, Go!


Friday, July 25, 2008

My new favorite necklace

I apologize for not putting new items online as often as normal this summer, but online traffic slows down so much, that I have been saving up for August. One of the new releases is this necklace...

It's longer then what I usually go towards, but have been feeling the longer looks recently and really like that they can be layered with shorter pieces. I am also trying to shoot things in more interesting ways, and using my well loved mannequin will be one of those ways...

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks for the Love Fashion Tribes!

I just had to share for a second...the fabulous Lesley Scott from FashionTribes just called me one of the "most talented indie designers on the market". Oh swoon. Read the whole thing here. Thank you Lesley!


Why am I obsessed with long tree lined driveways?

I have never been to a plantation before, but I am obsessed with their driveways lined with spanish moss covered trees...I did however discover that one such driveway, of the Orton Plantation has been in like 5 movies I have seen, so that makes a little sense...

I also grew up with an insanely long tree lined driveway that I had to walk up everyday in elementary school and as much as I used to dream of having a short driveway, I loved it...there was a stream going under one part of it with a little bridge that I once fell over as my backpack weighed about 50 lbs. The trees eventually gave way to a lawn with apple trees and fields of horses sprawled out beyond that, ahhh childhood memories. Although the fact that I crave the Southern version is odd...but I'm rather odd, so there you go.

This...this driveway is perfection...

I really am going to have to check these out in person at some point...I kind of wonder what they lead too...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I saw this on the Etsy front page yesterday and actually gasped...

Translucence by flandersfield

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stunning Ladies

I just saw this over at FotoDecadent by photog Sebastian Faena...


Monday, July 21, 2008

Ava Zsa Zsa Bling Ring is back in stock!

The Ava Zsa Zsa Bling Ring is no longer backorderd, yay!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Jewelry

Coming this week to Manic Trout!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I dream of dresses

Fashion and dresses in particular are a huge source of inspiration for my jewelry...todays digisketch gathers the most recent additions to my inspiration...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Studio Photo Shoot

Ok, this feels kind of weird to be posting so many pics of myself...but my amazingly talented friend Tara Wing was over here today having a little photo shoot in my studio and I had to share these as she takes the most incredible photos ever!

Next week we are working on some jewelry shots...I am so excited!

Thank You Tara, you rock as usual!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why do I never take pictures anymore?

I have been enjoying playing around with the few pictures taken over the 4th recently that it has really been bumming me out that I no longer seem to carry a camera around with me I have started to again. Although I have not yet remembered that it was with me, but whatever. I did try multiple times to take a picture of Thea by the guitar wall at the Hard Rock in Times Square the other day, as she made me eat there (uck) I thought I should at least get to humiliate her a little...but I will go down with her now...

That's what we call family bonding in these parts...


Monday, July 14, 2008

The design process...

Its hard to create a space online that is similar to what a real studio space is, but I try to give little glimpses and tidbits that can give you a real feel of Manic Trout as much as I can. Today I thought I would show how I go through the design process...

Usually I start with either a doodle or sketch or a rough idea in my mind...then I start going through books of images that I collect as inspiration, I usually group photos with an idea in the back of my head of how they will fit together....although sometimes the way I group things will subconsciously affect the design, all the pink on these pages made the color choice hard to avoid when I started designing this necklace...

At this point I start pulling materials from the vast amount that I have in the studio...

Once I have all the materials I want to play around with I start to try different things until what is in my head is in my hands.

When the design is what I want, I draw a sketch of it with notes on measurements and materials and take a photo which I blow up and print for a binder of all designs so I can reference it when making each piece.

I lastly photo, price and name the piece and put it on Manic Trout!

Manic Trout Rebel Girl Necklace

A necklace is born!

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Speaking of Carnivals...

The main reason I gave in and went to the carnival this week end was to get cotton was awesome...

1. Adrienne Button Ring by Manic Trout
2. At The Fair by luxedesign
3. State Fair by JenArthur
4. Vintage Undercarriage by ELBfoto
5. Zipper Carnival Ride by FriendlyMade
6. Merry Go Round- Carnival ride by lauri

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a whirlwind week-end (and life)

I feel like its been ages since I have written anything other then, these are beautiful...check them out. Its been a long, dramatic and eventful summer thus far, and we'll throw spring into that too...These last few days were the perfect example of my life over the past few months...

Thea and I went into Manhattan on Friday, met up with Gilly and then trekked out to the Time Out offices where I was interviewed and photographed for an upcoming article...very exciting stuff! Friday night I had to make an appearance out for an impromptu girls night...Saturday I slept alot as I have been sick for the past week...and then bartended a party. After the party I met up with Holly, a bunch of friends and my latest beau (*gasp* I have admitted there is one!) at the local hick is that, lol! Sunday was spent as usual at my moms doing laundry, family bonding and swimming and then I went to see Hancock last night, which rocked! So now you see a glimpse of what my schedule has been like for the past few moths...I have now spent the last couple of hours catching up online, I need to grab some groceries and then its time to sit my tush down and get some new designs off of the paper and into jewelry...and the summer rolls on...


Thursday, July 10, 2008

it seems inspiration sticks around awhile...

I mentioned briefly last fall after returning from a trip to nyc about the rhino at the museum of natural history...well it seems that the image of this guy stayed with me, as I realized when I saw the photo I took today that my trout necklace pro type is really similar...would you look at that!

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Octopus Love

Nothing says summer like a sassy Octopus...check out these eight legged beauties...

1. Solange Fantastic Voyage Necklace by Manic Trout
2. Octopus on White by lovelandmisc
3. Yes Eight by EmyLewis
4. Tokyo Fish Market 1 by nancyrose
5. Octopus by OrangeWillow


Sick Day

I finally got the bug that was going around and I allowed myself one day of lying on the couch and whining...this of coarse included watching You've Got Mail, which I watch every single time I feel ill. I have too much to do to spend another day like that however, so I am back in my studio today...moving slowly, but I'm here. I will be in Manhattan all day tomorrow being photographed, so I will most likely be absent again, but at least for a good cause this time..more details on that later...


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On the easel

I have been trying to paint again, for some reason I have not been doing much of it and that is wrong on so many levels. Perhaps I have stopped as they never really leave the studio, or because I was uninspired, or I was stuck on this last one...although I have changed it it for the 4th time now...I am finally happy with the direction I am going with it. I have wanted to combine the tissue paper aspect with oils for awhile now, so I am happy with it on a few levels...

Now I just have to gesso those canvases and then I can proceed from there...

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Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I have been swooning recently over fashion illustrations, so beautiful and feminine...I even have doodled my own on my work table...

1. Makes Me Wonder Necklace by Manic Trout
2. Bead Beautiful by lottiefrank
3. He Loved Her by johnclark
4. couture dress design by redheather
5. Little Miss Sunshine by NudesAndShoes
6. Girl 1 by Laura Su

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