Monday, July 14, 2008

a whirlwind week-end (and life)

I feel like its been ages since I have written anything other then, these are beautiful...check them out. Its been a long, dramatic and eventful summer thus far, and we'll throw spring into that too...These last few days were the perfect example of my life over the past few months...

Thea and I went into Manhattan on Friday, met up with Gilly and then trekked out to the Time Out offices where I was interviewed and photographed for an upcoming article...very exciting stuff! Friday night I had to make an appearance out for an impromptu girls night...Saturday I slept alot as I have been sick for the past week...and then bartended a party. After the party I met up with Holly, a bunch of friends and my latest beau (*gasp* I have admitted there is one!) at the local hick is that, lol! Sunday was spent as usual at my moms doing laundry, family bonding and swimming and then I went to see Hancock last night, which rocked! So now you see a glimpse of what my schedule has been like for the past few moths...I have now spent the last couple of hours catching up online, I need to grab some groceries and then its time to sit my tush down and get some new designs off of the paper and into jewelry...and the summer rolls on...



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