Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An education in movies and tv shows

I have had the pleasure recently of educating Brian (this is a staggering moment people, I have revealed his identity and admitted his existence)on the really good movies and tv series he has missed out on in the past few years while he presumably lived under a rock. We have been mostly playing on indie and comedy turfs with the movies, only a mere handful viewed so far...Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Super Bad, Knocked Up, Chuck and Larry and Napoleon Dynamite and I am so enjoying myself. Summer is tough though as so much is going on and we both work alot...there is rarely time in an evening to watch a whole movies so gears have been switched and now I am showing him the greatest show he missed...Arrested Development. I never watched it on the air, as I do not have any sort of tv service, but I own the whole series and boy, do I wish there was more. If you have not yet seen this series, rent it, buy it...whatever...just watch the whole thing...we have been enjoying an episode or two a night and its heaven...



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