Friday, October 19, 2007

Recent Random Inspiration

I have been obsessed with the water tower in the village where I live for a while. I walk my dog near it, and for that reason, I never have a camera with me...I remembered to bring it once, but it was at dusk and you miss the stunning blues that the main reason that I love it so.

I also have been obsessed with standing under this one tree near my house. It’s next to the library so the glow from the windows in the evening illuminate my leaf tent and make it glow. I think that is a moment best kept in my mind; I know I could never capture it on film accurately.

I have also been revisiting Marie Antoinette and fur...I think the opulence from Versailles is starting to rub off on my designs, I just designed something multiple layered, with pinks and golds...hmmm maybe this also accounts for a recent obsession with wanting to go to Paris. Fur has a wall that I LOVE, in the bedroom of Lionels apartment has the most fantastic colors...very Moroccan.

Well the bedroom and the water tower have both been burning in my mind and are coming out on canvases more than adornments. Although I don't have much painting going on, but when I do I have both of the images in the forefront of my mind...I guess its the effects of time on blue surfaces...yeah, that sounds beautiful doesn’t it?



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