Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fall is here...

I have been losing time...you know those days when all of a sudden hours have passed and you have been working on about a quarter of what you wanted to do? Well, I have been having those days. The bar required a great deal of my attention this week and I have been prepping for a decent web page update. I of coarse was not ready yesterday, as I forgot completely that it was already the first...so next Monday will have to be Manic Monday this month. I will slowly be adding items this week, so if you can't wait until Monday for the official date of the new items, then just check in this week here...I will let you know when things go up. Above is a peek of a new necklace made from vintage brass, cherry quartz, smoky quartz, candy red glass and a stunning vintage locket, and I only have 4!

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