Thursday, September 06, 2007

My new addiction...

Ooooooh, I bought myself the most awesome new toy today! Ironically it was my dad's birthday and I got the big gift...Happy Birthday Dad! SO anyway, for the years I have been all anti phone plan...and weellllll, I broke. My pay as you go phone was getting really old and didn't really work well anymore, so I cracked. I had to admit that I really did not need a fancy new phone as I hardly use my cell phone, but to buy as pay as you go it costs a small fortune for a mediocre if I had to shell out a bunch of cash it should be for something I really a way to check email all the time, and so...I bought my first BlackBerry!

I really wanted to hold out for the iphone, but even though I am the most loyal mac user in the world, I know that the first gen is always iffy and I do not get cingular service very well around here. So BlackBerry it silver, and I love it! Addiction, here I come! I already have won some great beads on ebay during diner with my sister! Woo Hoo!

Great news, my very good friend Tara (the fabulous taker of photographs) has moved back to NY from Hawaii and that makes me sooo happy! Although she did remind me that we made a pact that if she did, we would motivate each other to move to Manhattan, and I forget all about that plan with the abundant sunshine we had this summer.

I had a tad too much coffee at dinner tonight, I think I’ll use the excessive energy to cut my stack of TotallyIndie Coupons for the Farmers Market on Sat.

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