Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enjoying the last of summer...

A very cold and rainy day last Friday made me realize that summer is fleeting, fall is coming and I am going to be very busy. So this past week end and early week I have been actually hanging out with some good friends and taking a bit of time to enjoy the weather, the long days and the fact that’s its August. I have also had quite a bit of sales and have been at my jewelry desk much of the time I am in my studio. I am working on a few new ideas right now too. One involves a bit of drawing, which I almost never do anymore, so I am super excited about how those are going! Some favorite classics will be added to as well at some point this fall, Safety Pin Cuffs, Bottle Caps, and Fancy Duster Earrings are some I have been working on. Speaking of earrings, I have a whole line of vintage Lucite stud earrings coming; they complement the necklaces extremely well, yay! All this talk of what I am working on has me itching to keep going, so ta!

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