Friday, August 10, 2007

A preview of the fall...

Its a cold, dreary, rainy day here...I am catching up on desk work and darting over to my jewelry desk to try and work on things every few minutes, although its one of those days that just begs to be a computer day...and an what can books can I get a good deal on used at day. Those days happen when I have really good weeks bar tending, its my "if you have to suffer by working your day job over 40 hours a week and then spend all the rest of your time on Manic Trout, at least you can afford to buy used books online as a treat" shopping therapy. Is it sad that buying books for $1 is spoiling myself? Well I do get to buy art and jewelry supplies all the time guilt free, so who am I to complain?

So anyway, here I sit, not really doing much of anything, and there is so much to least I'm doing what I really wanted to do, and that was lie in bed all day as its the perfect weather for that too...



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