Thursday, July 26, 2007

7 Friendly Lane

I love the house I live in, I loved it for years from a far and the day I got a tip on a fantastic apartment big enough for my studio, would allow my dog and was in my price range I would have taken it no matter what, and then I drove up to the house I had dreamed of living in for years... Mind you, I would have preferred to have the entire house, but as it has been apartments for who knows how long, I'll take what I can get. My apartment used to be the doctors office for the Doctor who lived in the house with his family and my studio is the old waiting room. I adore my apartment, I have lived here for about two years and will remain here until I leave the area. One of my oldest and dearest friends just moved in to the top floor, so its even better now then ever. One of the things that always made me love the house is the huge wrap around porch that I don't spend enough time on and the flowers that bloom from spring until fall. As it turns out, my landlady lives near by and has an amazing green thumb. She is British and a bit older and those two factors help make gardens you would see covering the front yard of a cottage in the English countryside. Every once in a while I wander among the flowers and pretend that I can take photographs, today it is so hot out I am not wanting to do much of I took some time to wander...

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