Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer rolls on by

I have realized recently that I still think of summer in terms of break from school, meaning that then I think of summer form the end of May untill the end of Aug. Well, with that way of thinking, summer is already half over! I have not even been on a beach yet, I have not seen an ocean...where has it gone? So I then decided it was time to think of summer in calendar terms, as in the end of June to the end of Sept. Well, ok then, summer just began. Well then I thought, if I think in terms of design, then fall is already in full swing...and then I decided to stop thinking about how to define summer and try to enjoy some it.

I have been trying to at least go outside and wander around with my dog during daylight recently, and to catch up with friends when there feels like the days will deliciously last forever...which really only happens for me twice a week, because the other five days I have to go to work in the late afternoon, so I always feel like I have no time during the day. One of the main reasons for my being such a night owl is that I have hours stretched out ahead of me to work uninterrupted at night, and I love that feeling. OK I have 15 minutes before I leave for the restaurant, I'm going to take Faye out and see if we can catch a glimpse the parade that's about to pass by my house...I'm serious, its the firemans parade today...

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