Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An (almost) ideal day!

A few weeks ago I posted about My Ideal Day well I almost had one of those days today, Yay! As it rained here for the 4th and the restaurant was closed, I had a day full of reasons why I could not run errands, hang out with anyone or even talk to anyone. I had a late brunch with Tyler at the diner, and spent the afternoon in my studio, makin' stuff, cleaning up and enjoying myself. Then I figured that nothing beats stress like working out and I never have enough time to exercise as much as I I lifted weight for 90 minutes and then walked Faye in the drizzle for a bit...since then I have been back in my studio makin stuff. Gilly stopped by for about an hour and hung out while I worked, so I even got to fit in some family time today!

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