Sunday, July 01, 2007

The obsession continues...

I really enjoyed blogging about my fav photogs the other day, so I thought why not keep going? So I am.

To begin with we have the farm equipment photo from eldphoto which plays into an odd obsession not related to photography. I have collected random bits of discarded farm odds and ends over the years, and when I last moved and had dumpsters at my disposal for weeks I gave in and tossed most of it, in a fit of lightening my baggage if you will. My favorite piece remained however and I have put it to good use on my front stoop as a decoration/door old metal fan case from a tractor...very sculptural...well this photo makes me love my tractor part even more.

Since we are already on the farm topic I will have to give another nod to Jared from Kansas I love his work and this one is wonderful.

The last photo from CamerasEye has a similar view to the barbed wire, so I most likely will buy them at the same time. The fence line is beautiful, very beach, very idyllic imagery.


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