Thursday, August 16, 2007

oh and Manic we will be...

So I have been having an overload of inspiration today...and at the same time, I am trying to get so many "have to's" done that I am beside myself with how much I have to do...usually at these times I get really inspired over other projects…and as I have been overloading myself with greatness there is little surprise that I am itching to create.

There are two movies I have been waiting to come out for a few years since I first heard they were in the works...the first "Fur" is an imaginary tale about Diane Arbus. My first book that I was ever obsessed over was a book of Diane Arbus photos that my parents had in the very early 80's. This book made me love her work, photography in general and the fact that if I had the books, I could jump into that world whenever I wanted too. oh yeah, and made me realize that there were famous women artists too. So years later, I took the book with me to collage and later still it became the opening piece to an art book collection of mine that won the Syracuse University Book Collection Award which included $500, a press conference about my collection and caused the library to purchase half of the books on my list. So as you can see, Diane Arbus has influenced me in a few ways...and I was thrilled to hear that Stephen Shainberg was the director as I LOVE the movie Secretary.

The other is “Marie Antoinette”, the recent Sophia Coppola film...I have a thing for Marie Antoinette, a slight obsession in high school even. I went to a very creative boarding school and was highly involved in many of the arts there. To make a long story short, I never acted in any plays...I was the head light tech...but when we went to rent the costumes for a play one season I saw this Marie Antoinette get up and I had to rent it...and well as I was the only one it fit, I wrote a bit part into the play where I could appear in the full costume…including a tall wig and powdered face...then my senior year, there was this big paper the whole class has to write and it was judged for a big was focused on one subject, and had to do with one of our classes in some know the type...25 pages, lots of I wrote mine for AP Euro on Versailles, the architecture, the clothes, the greatness of all the extravagance of design…well I came in second…and only because the winner had tied two classes into her paper, so no one else stood a chance.

As you may imagine, I have been watching these movies, both highly visual, while in my studio (fur is on right now)...and getting all sorts of addition to my usual inspirations which are flourishing in my mind right now...50's clothes and culture...especially in new york city recently (due to some books I have been reading), bugs and fresh flowers...oh how the list goes on…

I leave you with some sneak peaks of pendants I am testing out and the piles of jewelry I have ready to post the first Monday in September. I want to be more involved in the entire piece of jewelry…the glass bubbles have hand drawn words and pictures underneath and the glass squares have flowers I picked from the garden pressed between them. I wanted earrings that went with my necklaces, and they had to be studs, because thats what I like...a bit of color by the face that does fight for dominance with a necklace.

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