Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where has the time gone?

I have not posted since Thursday?!? Its been a very busy week end, my sisters graduation went well and I finally got The Sampler package mailed out, I was all on top of my game and running ahead of schedule until I started packaging. I had no idea it would take SO much time to get 200 pairs of earrings onto cards and into cello bags! Much longer then the magnets, but live and learn, right? 200 lucky Sampler subscribers will receive something different from Manic Trout this month, it was too humid to set the bottle caps, so I made little earrings with assorted glass beads...we'll see how they go over, perhaps I'll do them again.

I have basically been busy all weekend, accomplishing the little odds and ends of both life and small business. Sometimes you just get swept up with it all. I made some new jewelry, including a very Gillian ring that I made for her birthday, you can see it above. She is a golden girl and I have made much of my gold jewelry because of her, in fact if you ever want a gold ring instead of silver, I have the wire, so just give a hollar. I started a new painting too, which was about time as I think it’s been over a month since I painted anything. I dream of one day having a studio assistant who stretches my canvases and cleans my brushes making it easier to just set up and go. For those of you not in the know, right after I graduated from art school, I was hired by a week-ender artist to do just this part time. I was there for over three years and as he owns a large and very successful gallery in Manhattan I was able to pick up some great tips on prepping for shows and keeping an inventory of your work from him. Sadly, he became too busy to paint very often and I decided to give a go at making jewelry and painting the focus on Manic Trout and end all the web design, which meant that managing a bar full time would provide the much needed investment money, so I left. Anyway, I have always laughed that I would know I made it as a painter when I could hire one of me.

OK I rambled on and on again...my mom mentioned that I have a tendency to do that while blogging and that it gets a bit overwhelming...so not that I will stop, but it has made me all self conscious of doing it. Speaking of my mom, she expressed interest in the two movies I am obsessed with at the moment, Fur and Marie Antoinette, but I never mentioned if they were on DVD yet or where she could find them...so I thought I would share that in case any one wants to watch either movie, and you should, because they rock! Both films are from 2006, so really its old news, but hey, I'm a busy girl and just got them a few weeks ago.

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