Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A little earlier rising this week

I think as I grow older I whine more when I don't get enough sleep. I get cranky, my movements slow down and lets not even get started on the eye circles. Well last week I had one very early morning and it through me off for three days. So I have started to prepare for the next one...what on earth is she talking about you ask? Well this Saturday I have agreed to participate in the Millbrook Farmers Market for Artisan day. Its only one day, but I have to be there by 8 and honestly, I usually go to sleep at 3:30, so 8 (with all of my wares and ready to set up and smile all day) is tough. So I decided to prep myself this whole week and have been getting up about two hours earlier every day, at about 9:30. Realize that I do bartend nights, so I am not even home from work until late and then I have to wind down, do some light work in my studio and finish the day.

On the other hand, I should be home by 2 on Sat, and can then take a nap before I am off to work...that’s my back up plan. I am excited to have a day at the farmers market, I like to have one day a summer somewhere local so they don't all forget about me. Although this year I no longer do shows and I send samples off as fast as I can make them now, so I do not have much time to build up stock, but I usually have 50-75 pieces lying around the and I can bring some smaller paintings too...ok now I have to start prepping so I don't freak out...

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