Monday, September 10, 2007

Farmers Market

The Millbrook Farmers Market Artisan Day went well on Saturday, I went with the bare basics, I borrowed a table and umbrella and just took whatever jewelry I had in my studio. It was hot, and also community day, so there were many things pulling the wanderers away. I had a great time though, sold some pieces and passed out oodles of cards, so I was thrilled. I also found two awesome uses for the Black Berry; I received an order while there and knew if it was one of a kind in order to update what I had on the table. I also was able to process credit cards right there online, woo hoo!

I certainly will not be doing many shows, but this is a great one to do one day a summer and it’s only a block from my house and 4 hours of my day, yay!

On another note, my littlest sister started at my alma mater this week, she's the fourth sister to go. Tyler and I went to see her tonight, I brought her some jewelry and saw her room...she's growing up and it made me feel so old to see the dorm I too lived in when I was fourteen.

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