Friday, September 14, 2007


I am taking a vacation! Well it’s more of a mini break/long weekend and the one full day I am gone I will be at a wedding. But still, I am getting away! I am headed to Greenport on the North Fork of Long Island for three days of not working. I am actually really freaked out about leaving, as I have so much to do both with Manic Trout and the restaurant, and I hate missing week ends at the restaurant, because if anything goes wrong while I'm gone, I will get screamed at upon my return. I over ordered this week however; so we shouldn't run out of anything...crap did I order olives? Well, as its Friday afternoon its too late now anyway, if they run out they can go to the store.

So back to the vacation...we (I am going with Tyler, its our first trip in the two years we've been together) are dropping Faye off at my mom's in the morning and then will set out from there. It has become very cool here in the Hudson Valley, not sure if its any better a bit South, but I am prepared for it not be, its easy to over pack when you go away for three days and are driving your own car. The wedding is Sunday during the day and then Monday I want to ferry to shelter island and then into Sag Harbor for hopefully some painless (to my wallet that is) window shopping/store scouting) and then home again.

Very excited to relax for a few days and leave it all behind...well almost, this trip is the reason I bought the BlackBerry...three days without email!?!

I'll let you all know how it goes...

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