Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bibliophile Alert

SO I finished the first business book of my self-imposed homework assignment, I learned a little, I feel accomplished; it was a good idea to start this. I am now on to the next book...this one covers Marketing for Small Businesses! Now don't misunderstand, as much as I do not get around to reading non fiction, I devour fiction, mainly of the literature variety...occasionally with some chick lit sneaking in there. Did you know that there is also a category called dick lit? I've read some, I think Adam Davies was one of the first...he wrote The Frog King... I just bought his new book, perhaps I'll read that one next...any way...I read every night in bed, have for years...need to in order to fall asleep. I think the best part about living on my own again, and there are many great things, so this is being able to read in bed for hours without getting complaints from the other pillow. It was the biggest issue I had about cohabitation, to be honest I have always dreamed of a mate who would read in bed right alongside me, but after years of boyfriends and even a husband come and gone...I have yet to find someone who has the same reading habits as I do, sigh. Well right now I am reading a Jennifer Weiner book, Little Earthquakes, I really enjoy Ms. Wieners' writing...its like hanging out with the girls...and with mine living scattered around the world and all of us being so busy that I only see them I have been devouring this book...I was reading until 4:45 this morning, not so late, as I got into bed around 2:30, but still...I had to make myself stop and go to sleep. My favorite guilty pleasure is reading in the middle of the day, and not work related reading, but my night time reading, its the only thing I like about getting sick...I can read all day without feeling naughty that I am not working. In fact, writing about reading is making me feel a bit guilty...I have to work on bottle caps, I have necklaces mid creation and I have to go running...ok back to work…


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