Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the next 13 weeks...

Am I crazy? OK don't answer that...I agreed to my sister Holly's request on Monday to run a half marathon in June. A year ago I was very into running, I was all set to run a 5k and was ready for it...then it was cancelled and I moved to a place where I could walk my dog for hours around a pretty village and traded that for running. Up until the flood I was doing my work out videos regularly too...and walking...but then the flood came, followed by the snow. Fortunately I have an active day job, so all hope is not lost...Tues I began my 13 week training, well that was practice was the real beginning. I have my training schedule posted, I drove the mileage for my runs and printed them out on map quest, and I have started giving myself pep talks. I am not one to turn down a challenge, but I am one to admit when I cannot physically do something without hurting myself, so I will give it all I got and see how I'm doing by race day...wish me luck!


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