Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh Crap, I'm 30.

Today is my 30th birthday. I have to admit, things could be a lot worse, I honestly am rather thrilled with my life right now...I have spent the last two years grabbing it sharply by the reins and making sure it veered in this direction, and I am quite proud of how I've done...but I still have reached the first birthday when you no longer want to admit your age. Its tough to turn 30, there are entire books written about it...I even read a few to prepare.

Well I decided that it was about time I started taking better care of this body I have been beating up for three decades...I already have laid the base work in the past few years...I have drastically changed my diet, exercise and bad habits and I feel great, but I have completely given up and abused some my feet. I am on my feet a great deal as I bartend 40+ hours a week, walk my dog all the time and am in general pretty active... but I have not done more then paint my toes once a month for the past 5 years, and my hands are so dry that they actually flake. So today I treated myself at a local spa and enjoyed a parfin wax and buffing of my fingernails and a nice long soaking, scrubbing and smoothing pedicure. The best part is that my friend Shanley works there, so I got to girly gab at the same time. It was great, I am hooked...I'll go back once a month, my feet look so pretty! Where is the warm weather, I am ready for strappy shoes and flip flops! My toesies look so good I'll show you...the fuzzy pic gives the allusion that my feet are not so pale they are almost blue...
Next week I think I will go to the dentist, which I only drag myself to do once a year instead of twice...well at least I floss...


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