Friday, March 16, 2007

Snowed in on a Friday night.

The world outside is covered in fluffy snow and I have the first Friday off in months because of it! There is no sweeter joy then unexpected free I have been futzing around my studio, playing online, working on bottlecap magnets and making a necklace inspired by my living room decor.
I have collected a few japenese fishing bobs from the bottle shop and love their colors and handblown shape. Tylers mom gave me the awesome "Happy Ball" for christmas this past year and it complements the fishing balls so well that I tend to gaze at the table top rather then the tv when watching movies. I have a bunch of lucite fishing balls too in an great bottle green that are scattered around the living as well room and as often happens, while playing around at my jewelry desk I was inspired!

I need to tweak a few things, but I love it...even though its a bit tangled...I love this old dress form, also found at the bottle shop, and thought it such a nice backdrop, but is high up and I was too lazy to get a stool to make the necklace look right...what, its my night off :)


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