Thursday, January 18, 2007

In the last week...

For an entire week I have basically done the bare minimum of work...I'll admit it...I bought a car on Thursday and have spent the majority of my time driving it around. I have had some cars that I liked just fine in the past, but I have never owned a car that I lusted after and then got to have I finally got back to work on Tues and have been designing, painting and catching up on office work. It was amazing that I actually got the laundry done on Monday, and it took a long time because I kept leaving the house! I also managed to not post an item of the week yet...although I put up a new line last week with 4 necklaces, so it’s not that bad of me. To complete the dorkiness of loving my new car:

So this next Monday there may be a few goodies up my sleeve in the new section of the web site...stay tuned folks...although I heard it might actually snow and I really want to test out the all wheel drive action...


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