Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Makin' Stuff

Call it a bad trait, call it a part of being type A, call it whatever you want but the truth is that I am an extremely competitive gal. So as great as it is that my bf has a new hobby, I am still quite capable of taking my own pictures I am a bit, ahem, inspired shall we say, to hold my own. Which of coarse means that I will have more things to post and therefore more to read and basically we all win in the end.

So this week I have been gearing up to debut a few button rings that I have yet to post, and they are real beauties, I am really excited about these! The new rings are all made form vintage Lucite ball buttons, one of which is so large it’s obscene...and it’s inlaid with rhinestones too! I almost decided against keeping it, but as I do with all rings that I design...I make a prototype and wear it around for a while to assure that it is foible free, and I fell in LOVE with this one...if nothing else, it will draw endless attention to you and offer a ton of conversation opportunities!

Just so you don't think I just sit around all day makin' rings and nothing else, I will give you a peek at a few works in progress currently in my studio...

I am having some issues with this one, I have been working on it for a few days and its a bit different from what I have been doing for the past year...I loved it until I saw a photo of it and now I want to throw it out the window instead of working through it...

I began pulling together the last two series I had done in this one...merging what I learned through each process into one...

I am much more pleased with this painting after I saw it in a photo...I'm trying to keeping pushing myself and my materials...
well back to the studio I go...paintbrush in hand.


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