Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I spent the ringing in of the new year updating the Manic Trout site, yes very exciting I know, so some thing have been changed around a bit. I deleted a bunch of stuff and combined a few catagories, added the new items and updated the press was a great feeling to have a bit of organizing done at he end of the year, a perfect start to 2007!

To try and stay on top of my goals for the year, I have already posted my first "New Item of The Week".

The Dots & Loop Necklace is whimsical, funky and full of bright color...Vintage resin beads alternate with glass bead loops to create a fabulous addition to any outfit!

Also posted today is the painting series "Which End Is Up?" which was painted earlier this past year and plays with color, texture and good old gravity, I love this series and am excited to finally have it on-line!


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