Thursday, October 12, 2006

What you say...More Jewelry!?!

So I spent the summer months trolling for special somethings to add to my fall and winter line this year. I fell in love with vintage lucite beads, big ones! I have started creating necklaces combining these precious babies with glass beads and satin ribbon. I love them, so girly and sassy!

speaking of awesome vintage finds...I also have slowly obtained a serious stash of vintage ball buttons for my famed rings. Many of them are one of a kind, so I really have to let you dig through the bowl to find your new best friend, which is rather hard to do on line and makes those that can visit my studio really lucky.

Check out Manic Trout on the big pink square to go right to a special page of the newest items...I swear, you'll love me for it.


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