Friday, January 05, 2007

Bits & Baubles

Its a blah day here in Millbrook. Its raining and dreary and I am not being that productive. Usually if I force myself to at least sit at one of my workstations then something will come out of it, but so far...nada. So I thought I would share a few lovely photos that Tyler took of my studio.
My collection of vintage buttons and typewriter keys, which I ripped off old typewriters and then got discouraged when I realized all the typewriter key jewelry out there already, so now they sit in one of my favorite old Ball jars. The big ball buttons will one day soon be button rings, I do love them so...

Bottle Caps mid production...all they need are magnets now and they will be packaged and ready to ship off to The Sampler, Haute Market and with every package I send out.

I still have not worked on that painting either, I am hiding from it. I have become stuck with it and the only way to get through it to keep painting...ugh.

Very exciting news...the Valentines Day gift guides start to debut this week...I know, I can hardly believe it myself...and I have designed a new and very different line for everyones favorite Hallmark Holiday! As this line will debut Monday on IndieShopping, I figured I should have it on the as my resolution dictates...I will have the Brass Love Necklaces posted early Monday morning (before I go to bed early). Check back here on Sunday for a sneak peak...


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