Saturday, March 24, 2007

Warning...I have a new camera!

Watch out world, I have a new camera and will be inundating you with my photos now...mwah ha ha ha...that’s my evil villain laugh. Who are we kidding though; I am sure that I will still not be out there going snap shot happy. The main reason for the camera is to take photos of my art...but those will I believe improve greatly. Ok, I was playing around already in the hour since I picked it up from the post office...speaking of office, I am so irritated that Macs have to wait until the next year to get a copy of office released for them. I was all excited that Microsoft 2007 Office was released, but no...we fabulous Mac people have to wait for the 2008. OK back to the camera...Photoshop CS2 was available for both platforms at the SAME time by the way...yeah, I here's a photo...a pile of Bottle Cap Magnets getting all dressed up and ready to go out into the world...


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