Friday, March 30, 2007

Self imposed homework...

So I buy books like most people buy milk. Obviously I cannot possibly read them this fast...and this irks me. I have been buying business books for a few years now and reading one here and there. I have been hoping that by osmosis I would retain the wisdom from within the covers. It has not been working. Sooo, I have decided to tackle these stacks of books with a plan...I have been giving myself homework. I have a small amount of free time right now...with managing a bar, Manic Trout, training for the half marathon, Tyler, family, get the idea...I have only two chapters to read a night but I am getting somewhere! I am already all sorts of inspired...I am reading a book about wildly successful women...and its wonderful to read about these women overcoming obstacles of all levels and dominating! I am even more ready then ever to bring Manic Trout to the next level, so watch out world, here I come!


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