Monday, April 02, 2007

The dreaded mall experiance

I had to go to the mall today. I tried my best to avoid it...I needed new running shoes and decided to order them online so I would not have to go to the dreaded mall. Unfortunately when they arrived this morning, I discovered they did not I sent them back and gave in. Actually I was all set to order another pair on line but my sister Gillian called and decided it was perfect timing because she too had to go against her will, so we might as well do it together. Well I must say that today's trip completely convinced me that I should continue to avoid these places at all costs. Everything that I was remotely interested in was not small enough to fit me...this was even true in the finish lone....there were only three pairs of Adidas running shoes and only one pair in my size. Fortunately they fit, and I was actually glad I went for about five minutes because the very helpful sales person introduced me to gel inserts, which made a huge difference in comfort.

The gel inserts were the only highlight however...maybe its from being in the indie world for so long now, but there is something so depressing about stores filled with low quality merchandise being sold by people who seemed to want to be any where but there. I have become so spoiled by passionate women who love what they offer; it was quite disheartening to see the norm. I do so love the indie world!


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