Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What would life be like, without stress?

I think about this every often, and then I also think that realistically I think I am sure that I tend to push to stressful areas in my relationships and work...its the over achiever in me I guess. I did however realize that as it gets increasingly harder to balance being a bar manager and running the ever growing Manic Trout that I tend to accumulate people who have to maintain my life. So far Manic Trout has only had PR wonder woman and accountant added to the list...but in my personal life I am having a crisis over fitting in everyone. I have to fit in the mechanic, vet, (the last two are not for me, but I still have to be there and pay for them) hair stylist, pedicurist, podiatrist and acupuncturist this week I need to get a facial, but I have no idea when that is even possible. I should also see the dentist as I clench my jaw so much when I sleep that I have headaches, so who knows what it is doing to my teeth. oh crap and I just remember my inspection needs to be done on my car.

The mountain of work is also piling higher each day, and I am getting buried under it all. I am prepping at the moment for the next Open See at Bendels, which is next Monday...the stress from that alone is enough to make me burst into tears...I did manage to go running yesterday, which helped, but as I have to go into work at 2 today, its not a possibility.

However, I have heard that stress is one of the best fuels to power a successful entrepreneur, so maybe its all for the best...I'll just keep thinking that...OK deep breaths and power on...



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