Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow! An OS upgrade kicked my butt....

So on Monday I had a pile of work to go through...a very large pile...and I was making my way through it...slowly. Then I had the great idea to make it the day to set up my big new external hard drive, back up all of my work and finally update to Leopard. Well...this process alone took the better part of the night...and then. It happened. Everything went wrong.

It took many, many, many hours to straighten it all out...some of them in terminal and much of it spent moving files one at a time from my new favorite thing I own, my LaCie hard drive...which saved Manic Trout's life.

So now, here I am...even more behind then ever, but with a snazzy new OS and the peace of mind of having all of my work backed up!



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