Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where I have been all week...

So most of the week has passed and I have yet to check in...where have I been? prep school alma mater (all of my sisters have also gone...and Thea is a freshman there right now) asked if I would be the guest designer for the week prior to spring break where the students choose one activity to focus on. They can choose such things as a trip to Guatamala, ball room dancing, a newspaper to cover the week and jewelry design...with me!

I spent the week with nine creative girls and a fabulous faculty member hunting down treasures and turning them into original and fantastic jewelry! We had a great time and I loved every minute of it, even waking up at 7:30 every morning. The girls were all so wonderful and terrifically productive. It was a bit surreal being back on campus...eating in the dining hall and walking through the quad and all, but in a good way.

Thanks ladies, it was awesome to meet you all and get to know you this week, I had so much fun!

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