Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm in Love!

Every year around the end of winter...yes, I am early, but its been rainy and in the 40's here so my season clock is a bit off...anyway, I start to crave a spring makeovers for myself and my home. I know this is all extremely normal and everyone does this, but I specifically desire new bedding. This year is no exception, except I fell in love with a new duvet cover and shams about a month ago when I saw them in the new Anthropologie catalogue (which I should ban from my house, its like a store full of items marked "This is perfect for you Sierra, buy it now!"). I have always had a great bed, although I had to forgo the feather beds a few years ago, as I have enough problems getting out of bed at a decent hour, that made it excruciating to leave my nest...that and Faye came into my life...and dogs make the bed dirty really quickly. I still love a big white fluffy bed though, and I this bedding makes me think of sleeping inside of a big meringue pie...mmmm.



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