Friday, January 25, 2008

A very busy January

What happened to January being a slow month? I was enjoying my little stat of the year/post holiday break and getting ready to ease myself into to 2008 with a list of things to catch up on, when wham! I'm busier now then I was leading up to Christmas! I have to admit that I have been working very hard to make this happen, but I was not prepared for it to happen so quickly. I have begun to advertise in a larger scope then I had last year and thanks to some great press in magazines I have been getting the word out about Manic Trout more then ever this month, woo hoo! Check out the Feb BabyTalk...

I designed 6 new Freak Like Me Necklaces yesterday, which I already started to photograph, so they should be online soon. There will be more to come shortly as well...right now I am spending a great deal of each day processing orders, so time is tighter then normal, but I am starting to get into the new rhythm...speaking of which, I need to get away from my desk now...I wanted to check in however and let you all know where I have been all week....

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