Saturday, January 12, 2008

Progress through baby steps

I have been a very bad painter recently. I mainly blame it on the fact that I hate stretching canvases. I spent 4 years making sure a local "week end artist" had his massive studio ready to go and filled with stacks of every possible size of stretched canvases and walls of made me hate to wash brushes too. So anyway...a year ago I bought a large amount of nice big stretcher bars...roughly 100, ranging in size from 14" to 42"....and a couple rolls of canvas and a few gallons of gesso. This was not cheap. I have stretched 0 of the potential 25 canvases possible to make from this pile of unpacked wasted material. I have moved the boxes of stretchers around my studio roughly 10 times. I have not painted in a month because I am out of prepped canvases. This is starting to be sad.

So I unpacked the boxes, and I feel a little bit better...but now I have to stretch and prime a few of them. I also wanted to paint big again, so the stretchers are mostly 36"+...but in reality I have no room to paint large, so I am unsure of what to do about that...I think I may have to order a bunch of 20 some odd inch bars...see how this happens...



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