Sunday, March 02, 2008

Simply Stunning...

OK, this is for the blogger readers, so all you myspace blog reads, you'll have to head on over to The real Manic Trout Blog to see what the fuss is all about...

I have been adding to my Etsy Shop again far its just stuff you can find at Manic Trout, but I tend to shop on Etsy a lot, especially for I was fooling around with the tool that makes the instant banners from your shop and I clicked on the option to make one up from a selection of my favorites...and needless to say I will have all of these asap...I have one already on its way and in the mail...but the set as a whole made me swoon....I wonder if the set changes if the items are purchased (eta: I have bought all 5 photos...and figured out how to keep them in the banner!)? Well this may be a time sensitive post, but what a beautiful thing it was for those minutes...Hopefully you still see the five flowers in the right hand column...

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