Saturday, March 01, 2008

Random facts about Manic Trout

I was tagged the other day by the fabulous blog Cherry Coloured although I have not finished my post on this, I have however realized how fun random facts are. I have thus decided that I will begin to share random facts with you about Manic Trout, and sometimes about me.

So first off, I thought I would introduce you to some of the fun that I have with the real behind the scenes stuff...naming all of my designs. I once upon a time would just make up a name for each design and then picked a girls name for each color/style randomly...well, I really quickly started to come up with some stupid names, and I exhausted my resources for girls names as well. (some of these early made up names are still existent, I am embarrassed to say...i.e...the very original Bottle Cap Necklace) So I knew I had to look else where...

You must be chomping at the bit in anticipation right now...waiting to find out where I come up with all of these bizarre names! Well all of the designs names are songs, some make obvious sense and some just work in my complicated mind...but they are all song names. The Sweetest Thing Earrings are named for the Lauryn Hill song.

The names of each color/style I get from a web site that has lists and lists of I pick a theme for each piece...the Salt Water Sound Necklaces which are inspired by Japanese fishing balls have Japanese names.

The Sweetest Thing Earrings have Gypsy names...and the meaning of the names usually plays in too...Pesha which is the name of a diminuitive pair of flower earrings, means small...Pattin which is a pair of tiny pink leaf earrings, means leaf. Shimza which are bright orange earrings that look like gummy roses, means joy and happiness and the very pretty Ilona earrings which are shaped like a pink lily means beautiful one.

I also have some silly and fun names...the Button Rings are all named after Super Villianesses! So you can find your inner bad girl and wear her name with pride!

Also fun to note is that the Bling Rings are named named after the women with the largest and best jewelry collections throughout history...Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Onassis, Joan Crawford, Mary Pickford, Ava Gardner and Theda Bara to name a few.

In case you were wondering...the paintings have name themes too...they are named and I am sure influenced in both tiny and huge ways by the titles of books I am reading when I paint them...I will admit that I have bought and read books because I thought the titles were so good to work with.

I hope you enjoyed these random facts about Manic Trout!

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