Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I have overwhelmed paralysis

Sometimes I just get the point where I have so much to do that I get stuck...its like everything starts to move in slow motion around me and I feel like I am in a dream state...or maybe its more like i am stuck in the mud...actually I believe that due to the tightening in the chest that I may be having a bit of a panic attack about having so much to do and having to go the restaurant at 2pm until 11pm...where I will make very little cash as its early March...such a dilemma...not ready to cut the cord on the full time job, yet I do not have 40+ hours a week to devote to said job. Deep breaths...

I have been trying to get any thing on a deadline done as soon as I find out about it....but everything else gets pushed back every time another deadline appears...arghhhhhh!

Ok...I don't even have time to freak out right now...must keep going...



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