Sunday, March 16, 2008

A camera-less existence

Well actually, the camera is fine...the software is not...sadly, when I upgraded I was not prepared for a few software glitches and did not have the upgrades already here. I had to order some new software and until it gets here I cannot upload anything. sad. I had a post about a whole pile of photos I recently bought from Etsy all ready to go on Friday too...all that was left was adding the photos of them displayed...but alas, no dice.

Well, I do have tons of photos from the I will work from those. Did I mention last week that it was Faye's birthday? Yes, my darling dog turned turned 6 on March 11th. In case you have never formally met her, I will share my favorite photo that I call "This is Faye"

Judging from the length of my hair, this was taken a while ago, but she has not changed at all in the year or so since that photo!

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