Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have been quoted!

So Monday I was out running errands and I decided that it was time to buy a new scanner, as the last one I had which was very fancy, high tech and ginormous used scsi and therefore would not work with my computer. Well the main reason was so that I could scan in things from magazine...which is almost enough for me not to miss my camera, but not quite...anyway...the fruits of my labour is that my press page is up to date and actually shows the pages I have stuff on...crazy, I know. The exciting news is that the most recent piece to hit the newsstands includes not only a lovely necklace, but a me! The hot pink boxes direct you to Manic Trout...

In case you do not have bat vision..."Manic Trout jewelry designer Sierra Bailey says 'A dash of gold makes an outfit look sophisticated and glamorous, yet dramatic'"

So exciting! While I am congratulating myself I will also add that in the past two days Manic Trout has been mentioned in the fashion blogs Trendinista, The Budget Fashionista and Fashion Binge! I was extraordinarily honored to have these blogs notice Manic Trout. I also had to laugh that Fashion Binge said that Manic Trout sounds like a tedious jam band name...ahhh those days of Grateful Dead adoration are permanently stuck in my subconscious I suppose once a deadhead, always a deadhead.


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