Friday, November 23, 2007

1 Month until Christmas and Bottle Caps

I just realized that in all of my prepping for the show next week and the getting ready for my wonderful customers for the holidays that I totally forgot about my own participation in christmas until I was at my moms yesterday. Holy cow its in one month! Well, I'll save the panic attacks for the week before and just get over myself.
Instead, I will share with you the handsome Zach modeling the re-envisioned bottle caps, now as pins! As everyone but me has the new fridge doors that are either stainless steel or covered with cabinetry, there are not many places to use magnets any more. So I have started making pins instead, you can stick them on a cork board, the wall, your bag, your clothes, or be ultra creative as Shireen was in my studio the other night when she had the brilliant idea to adorn Zachs collar with Bottle Caps!

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