Friday, November 09, 2007

The road to less stuff and no walls

I have a lot of stuff. I have less stuff then I did when I lived in a big house with my ex husband and was planning on always having plenty of space, but then I rented a few big dumpsters before moving to an apartment and really purged, and it felt great! Well its been a little over two years in my apartment and although I have become much better about accumulating, the stuff has added up. Last winter when I had the flood, I tossed a great deal of useless things I had in my studio, that job always takes the most will power, I mean you can always use it for some project later, right? Well now I am facing another move in the kind of near future and I am already starting to edit my possessions for my new life. Honestly there are only so many toss out fests useless items can go though. Leading an artistic life definitely holds me back, not only with the studio, but I keep clothes I "could" paint in, and old towels that I may need to clean up in the studio with and many, many things that inspire me...well you get the picture.

Ok, now that I know I want to loose some dead weight, I just have to find my dream home. I dream of a very large, very industrial open loft where I can paint big and flick oil paint on the floor with out care and work until 3 and then can just go to bed in the same apartment, like I do now. Although my dream is that I can have my entire life lived in my studio, as I see it...I live in my studio now anyway, only leaving its walls to get food from the kitchen and bring it back, to sleep and to hang out in the living room for maybe 2 hours a week. I want my big comfy, cozy couches and books right by my desk, ok I may want the bed up off the studio, but you get the idea. The initial excitement of having a separate studio wore off fast when I thought of leaving it for home at 3 am by this is my dream...I have 7 months to find it.



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