Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The bad, the good and I returned the ugly....

I had a bad day yesterday. My wireless keyboard shorted out and stopped working. I became hysterical. Fortunately I had bought the extended warranty, so a new one will arrive shortly and I just have to pack up the old one and send it back to apple. In the mean time, Tyler has been kind enough to loan me another so I stopped having panic attacks about not being able to use my computer.

The day greatly improved however when I came home from and found my Fire Mountain order had arrived two days early! There of coarse is the part where I realize that I ordered 16 colors of Swarovski crystals in the wrong size...and a few items I was curious about were not my style...but other then the 24 items I am returning, I was in heaven...and I already ordered the crystals in the right I can proceed as planned with my new not fret.


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