Monday, April 23, 2007

My favorite day...

I had a wonderful day today...Monday is my day for errands and catching up, but today it was over 85 degrees out and gorgeous so I decided to play hooky from the web page update I was planning for the afternoon...which I am doing now, so it will be late...but still up tonight. Well I began my day the best the Millbrook diner, I love that place and live for whole wheat cinnamon toast. Tyler was dragged there with me and we then ran some errands in the village before I had to go home and leave the sunshine to change the sheets, start the laundry and chain myself to my desk.

I took a break to walk Faye and gaze lovingly at the Magnolia tree in the yard that is beginning to bloom, yay! I live for the first week of spring when all the trees bloom...

Well that did not last long...I decided I wanted to go finally check out I called Tyler and off we went...we arrived at about 5, which was not great planning as it was Monday and many shops were closed and those that were not closed were about to shut down for the night anyway.

I did however make it to a great little antiques store where I scored two additions to my odd brass animals collection that I have accidentally begun.... I now have a large fly, a horseshoe crab (although that pewter), a starfish and a parrot.

While there I inquired about chandelier crystals, as usual and may have made a hug score...I am returning on Thursday to seal the deal. The kind owner also told me to check out this rad store call Feel, which I love! It is a great little indie shop and I am thrilled to have found it.

After meandering around for a bit we decided that the best chance we had to make our wish we made last night to eat dinner outside come true was to head to Newburg and the riverfront...excellent idea! We had a fabulous dinner on the river after walking along the waters edge for a bit, I was very happy. (did I mention I had coffee too!)

At the end of our trip I even had time to grocery shop and have come home to work on the web page and finish the laundry...I still think it all had to do with wearing my favorite skirt in the whole world...

I have to add that I am jealous that Beacon had more blooms on their Magnolias then I do...


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