Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cold, grey, rainy day

I feel like I am living back in Syracuse with this weather...its miserable out. I need to get a bunch of designs done today for jewelry as its one of my two full studio days, and so far nothing at all has been done. I still have to do some sort of exercising too, although that may help the energy will have to be indoors though.

A great day to relax and veg...I wish I could let myself spend the day on the couch. So speaking of which...check out the best things to veg on, if I had a room filled with these I would never get any work done. They also come in neoprene for poolside (mom, get these!)

The pillow stones are from France, and you can check them out here. My dream house will include these...when do I get my dream house anyway...

Well when I do get my dream house, be sure I'll have a room of these wool stones. I was a big rock dweller when I was a kid, I loved to play on large rocks and make "houses" out of them...I would of coarse also make "houses" out of little nooks in the woods, which I later realized were animal dens..yeah...don't let your small children wander off to play in the woods folks, they could end up as dinner. Seriously though, I loved creating spaces out of nature and let this love of natural habitats even draw me to Architecture school, where I found out it was not the same and transferred to art school a mere year later...I still love natural habitats though.


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